Conceria Emmedue has dealt in the production of cow and calf hides since 1981.

Our company offers an extensive line of products for footwear and leather goods, using domestic and foreign raw hides.

We can produce leathers of any color and with the particular characteristics required by the customer, fulfilling market needs and following fashion trends.


Leather processing

All products manufactured by the CONCERIA EMMEDUE are guaranteed by the professionalism and experience with which the Marana family and co-workers are present in the entire production process.

The company is run by Angelo Marana and his children who have joined the company several years ago.

The care and skill in processing and the availability of a multifaceted product range allow CONCERIA EMMEDUE to offer the market what is needed by the customer and answer each specific need.

At the base of the production process there is an ISO 9001 certified quality management system, which evidence of a commitment to continual improvement and a constant attention to the customer, in addition to satisfying mandatory product requirements.

Conceria Emmedue buys leather from various origins, but mainly from Italy, Europe and North America.

The raw hides are tanned in the Arzignano district (one of the most important worldwide) and they are then selected by qualified personnel who divides them according to characteristics to be then used to make various items that Conceria Emmedue produces.

The next phase is shaving (with thicknesses that vary from 08/10 up to 28/30) that precedes retanning, dyeing and fatting, done within drums and followed by our technicians that constantly monitor one of the most important processes for the realization of a good final product.

Once dried (on wet frame or with vacuum press system depending on the article) the skins are prepared for finishing and then trimmed, perched and revived (for nubuck articles).

Finishing is done internally during spray and our technicians closely follow this step to ensure compliance with the effect of the article and the color requested by the customer during production of the product.

For soft items we proceed to tumbling.

Leather processing

The last process is the one of choice and the final trimming, followed by measurement and packaging that allows Conceria Emmedue to ship anywhere in the world.